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What is a Timeshare?

Timeshares are sold as a form of holiday ownership and were often sold under many different names including the following:

  • Vacation Club
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Multi Ownership
  • Holiday Club Membership
  • Holiday Ownership
  • Timeshare Ownership

Abogados Legal Madrid is working with clients to reclaim costs for mis-sold timeshares or holiday club memberships. If this has affected you, if you have lost money and have been left paying maintenance fees on a timeshare product that was mis-sold then we’ve provided some straightforward advice which may answer some of your questions when entering the agreement. If a timeshare was mis-represented, breached contract or sold as an investment and you’ve received no return you should seek legal advice regarding a claim, even if the company is no longer trading!

Mis-Sold Timeshare

Have you been mis-sold your timeshare, resale services or holiday club packages? We can
reclaim all money lost to timeshare and holiday club scams.

Timeshare Claim

For people who have been miss-sold timeshare weeks/points, resale services or holiday club packages Section 75 claim is a process that can be used to claim back monies paid to any merchant (retailer or agent). Under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 2015, the credit provider is equally responsible for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the supplier of goods or services on credit.

You are able to perform Section 75 Claims yourself however, most prefer to use our expertise as there are several legal obstacles will you need to overcome in order to complete a claim successfully. Financial institutions will try every trick in the book to avoid repaying clients, employing legal entities to rigorously defend any claims against them and an unsuccessful attempt may waiver your right to compensation without the opportunity to re-escalate your complaint.

Section 75 states that the credit provider will be “jointly and severally liable” with the supplier.

If you were mis-sold a timeshare or holiday club membership we could help to reclaim costs, there are no upfront fees and we offer free initial advice, even if the company you dealt with is no longer trading. Here are just some of the companies our clients have been mis-sold:

 Timeshares/Holiday Club ownerships from:

  • Incentive Leisure Group
  • Designer Way Vacation Club
  • Personal Travel Group Limited
  • Shakespeare Classic Lines Limited