Property Law

Helping you around the complexities
of buying a property.

Buying property in Spain

Abogados Legal Madrid has been providing expert conveyance services since the year 2000.

We have an independent legal service to help the clients with their property purchase in Spain. We do not get commissions from banks, realtors, or construction companies. We work only for the client.

Why hire us?

100% of our clients are international clients. We understand your needs and your expectations of service. We are the only law firm covering all of Spain that works this way.

We have an architect as head of the department for property purchase. Our real estate lawyers will handle the property transaction, but you will have an architect’s perspective before investing your money in Spain.

Property checks

Property checks should be done before you pay realtor fees to hold a property and before you
make a down payment. For further information, contact us today.